Donnerstag, 22. Februar 2007
My dear admin friends at
Here José Gonçalves writting. I am the co-admin of

Something funny happened this afternoon/night. Two couple of photos, half a dozen of files and one story related, suddenly disappeared of our private blog/site. They were just wiped out. Everything started when we can not login at the site. It happened for a litle while.

Please, let me know if we still can pursue in continuing with that extraordinary platform tga you provide to the citizens of this world.

Thanks in advance.

BTW: I am sorry for the text in english but, I do not speak german.

José, there is no know problem, neither with images disappearing, nor stories.

Are you sure, that only people you trust have administrative access to your blog?

I let this posting open here, as maybe some others actually _can_ confirm what you experienced. In addition, I will contact you through e-mail for possible other things I can do to resolve this issue.
dirk olbertz, 22. Feb 2007, 09:54  | link
Thanks Dirk!
I will check those admin issues right away.

Let me tell you another thing that is also happening right now. As I mentioned in my post, if we use Safari on a Mac or Internet Explorer on a PC, we can not login at any site of If we use Firefox on both, everything goes well

Thanks again!
click, 22. Feb 2007, 13:48  | link
Regarding Login: I use Safari as well (as some others here) and had no problems to log in here.

I can't say anything regarding IE.
dirk olbertz, 22. Feb 2007, 14:28  | link
Wir hatten das schon mal (Link). Ich habe es jetzt lange nicht mehr mit IE probiert, mit Firefox unter Win und Safari/OSX geht es problemlos.
kid37, 22. Feb 2007, 15:37  | link
Umfrage erstellen funktioniert nicht
Guten Tag,

Ich habe ein Problem und zwar, das mit der Umfrage erstellen funktioniert nicht mehr, jedes mal wenn ich speichern will steht oben: Error: "title" not difinied! Trotz titeleingabe oder wenn ich einen Titel schon vorher eingegeben habe und ein Antwortkästchen hinzufügen will, dann verschwindet bzw. löscht die frage oben sofort!

Ich hoffe Sie können das Problem irgendwie lösen.

Vielen Dank schonmal im Voraus

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Ashes aka Online Held aka und so weiter^^
ashes, 03. Nov 2008, 23:40  | link